Moshe Stahl is a New York-based artist with a unique style that is both original and creative.

In an effort to explore the universal themes of art, Stahl has been painting landscapes based on locations as diverse as the Dead Sea, the peaks of the Elba, and the White House. The result is an eclectic series of paintings that are more than just blue and white.

This article is an introduction to the landscape paintings of Moshe Stahl, which feature beautiful, detailed paintings of diverse locations around the world.

Moshe Stahl: It’s about more than just blue and white

Although the majority of art critics and art historians tend to approach a painting by Stahl from the artist’s perspective, there is a large contingent of art lovers who are more interested in the painting’s context. That is, they are more interested in the themes that the painting is about, rather than the specific location where the painting was painted. A prime example of this is Moshe Stahl’s international art show Blue and White. The show held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in March 2022 was themed around the relationship between humans and nature and featured over 100 Stahl paintings. In the show’s catalog, Stahl himself states that his goal was to portray the feeling of the place he painted, rather than to accurately represent the place.

The Elba as a Playground for Painting

The island of Elba in Italy is a popular destination for international art students, and is also a very popular painting location. As a result, there is an abundance of painting locations on Elba. However, very few people know that the island also happens to be a playground for painters. In fact, the island is so painter-friendly that it is often mistaken for France. In his solo exhibition Blue and White, Stahl exhibited scenes of Italy, France, and Elba, but the emphasis was on the island.


The White House as the Last Hurrah of the American Empire

Located in Washington DC, the White House is the center of American political power and influence. As such, it is a very important and often-copied painting location.


The Dead Sea as an Icon of Deep Reverence

The Dead Sea is quite literally Dead. With an average surface elevation of 1,300 feet above sea level, it is the lowest point on the planet, and the second-lowest point in the Middle East. The Dead Sea is also a highly sacred area to Judaism, and is therefore frequently depicted in religious works. The Dead Sea also happens to be one of Stahl’s favorite painting locations, and is featured regularly in the works of Moshe Stahl.


The Shores of Lake Constance as a journey into the human soul

The Swiss Lake Geneva is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth. Situated on the western shore of Lake Constance in eastern Switzerland, the Lake Geneva is surrounded by luxurious lakeside hotels, resorts, and private islands. As a result, there is an abundance of vacation rental properties to choose from, including many with luxurious lake views.



The landscape paintings of Moshe Stahl are very deep and contemplative. The subject matter is also quite personal, often focusing on issues related to religion, love, death, and nature. The works are also very demanding on the artist. They often feature strong sunlight, which can make it tricky for an artist to capture in a painting. However, once these limitations are taken into account, the paintings by Stahl are very rewarding to paint. Stahl is an excellent painter who has a strong tradition of representing both the natural and human conditions. In his paintings, Stahl often uses light as the primary subject. By painting light as a powerful, yet delicate, force, Stahl is able to fully showcase its beauty and full potential.


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