Moshe Stahl is a visionary artist who creates abstract paintings by focusing his mind. He does this to remove external stimuli that can affect his work. There are many things that could distract an artist from their work, but how do you remove these? How do you eliminate these external influences from your art? Stahl uses his creativity and inner vision to create abstract paintings.

This article will cover the different ways in which he creates his abstract paintings, along with tips on how you can use this technique in your own artwork as well.

What Constitutes an Abstract Painting?

An abstract painting is an artwork that depicts a concept rather than illustrating a scene from real life. Many artists get confused and think that abstract paintings have to be without any recognizable imagery. However, a painting can contain abstract elements that are recognizable, such as shapes, colors, or even figures. The most important aspect of an abstract painting is that it is not based on any external imagery, but is an expression of the artist’s thoughts and ideas. An abstract painting does not have to be an image of a person, place, or thing. It can just be a representation of the artist’s inner vision.


How Moshe Stahl Creates His Abstract Paintings

Stahl uses his creativity and inner vision to create abstract paintings. He explains that the best place to begin is with his creative process. He uses a variety of methods to get himself into these state of mind, including meditation, visualizing, creating repetitive images, and using music to aid in the transformation. Moreover he uses other techniques, such as using negative space in his abstract paintings, creating texture in his subject matter, and using color to shape his paintings.


Techniques Moshe Stahl Utilizes

Here we will share more about the techniques used by Moshe Stahl to create his paintings.

– Negative Space – One of Stahl’s techniques for removing external influences from his art is to use negative space. A painting can be full of details and vivid colors, but if the artist is trying to depict external elements from their life, then they could end up drawing attention to those things. This could cause the artist to draw attention to their mistakes, or what they are trying to remove from their work. This is where using negative space comes in handy. By using negative space, an artist can create an image that is visually pleasing and can take the viewer’s attention away from imperfections in the painting.

– Shapes – Stahl also uses shapes as part of his abstract paintings. By drawing shapes in the painting, the artist is removing external imagery from their artwork. This could be objects from their life or what they are trying to express in the painting.



If you want to learn how to create abstract paintings, you will find that there is no better instructor than Moshe Stahl. This artist has mastered the art of creating abstract paintings, and he shares his techniques with anyone who wants to learn how to do the same. Stahl uses his creativity and inner vision to create abstract paintings. In order to learn more from Moshe Stahl about painting, you can read his articles.

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